Restoring the Natural Balance – How to Get Grounded!

Aug 11, 2020 | Healthy Body

Hello August!  You are such a sweet and sweaty month, but you also remind us that fall is just around the corner and the new beginnings of the school year will be here soon.  Before you know it, we will be pulling out our sweaters and turning on our furnaces.  So NOW is the time to get outside, throw off your shoes and get connected to the EARTH!

Grounding or Earthing is one of the simplest ways to balance your health.  It’s literally getting barefoot and making direct contact with the Earth.  Grounding has been practiced since the beginning of time when our ancestors walked around in bare feet. It can be a very healing practice because Mother Nature is a powerful supporter of our overall health.  When we touch the Earth, which is electrically conductive, the human body becomes a sponge that soaks up negatively charged electrons.  Your barefoot-to-the-ground connection neutralizes free radicals and brings you back in sync with the Earth’s energy field.  Modern living and regular exposure to environmental pollutants, heavy metals, radiation, toxicity and chemicals in the food supply can create these free radicals.  Upon contact, the negative ions from the Earth’s surface rush into our bodies to discharge the many positive ions  (or free radicals) that we’ve picked up.

The benefits of Grounding include improved sleep, pain reduction, and normalizing the stress hormone cortisol to reduce the stress response, meaning your nervous system moves from fight or flight into rest and digest.  It also positively affects the inflammatory response and the immune system.

So get outside and get barefoot!  Get your feet in the wet grass, water, dirt or sand.  Pop your shoes off at your local park or just walk around in your backyard for some quality Grounding.  The most beautiful things in life are truly simple!

Be well, 

Shannon Sabol

Grateful Life Health Coaching