Self-Care Check In

Apr 6, 2021 | Healthy Mind

Stop! 🛑 Time to check in with yourself. An easy way to evaluate your current needs are to think H.A.L.T. 

Are you HUNGRY? Does your body need nourishment? Would eating something help you feel more balanced? 

Are you ANGRY? Do you need to blow off some steam? Would taking some deep breaths help? 

Are you LONELY? Do you need connection? Would a hug help? 

Are you TIRED? Do you need to rest? Is your body and mind craving a slower pace? 

H.A.L.T. helps us to slow down and pay attention in those moments of feeling overwhelmed. Check in frequently with yourself…everyone else around you will appreciate it! 

Be well, 

Shannon Sabol

Grateful Life Health Coaching

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